Dates in the classroom

I have been setting up my new classroom recently and have moved up into KS2.

I want to try and encourage my class to be more independent when it comes to writing the date.  I plan to teach them how the shower date is formed and that the numbers represent the day, then the month, e.g. January = 1, then the year, 16 = 2016.

I have this great clock I got in a Habitat sale but you can find similar on Amazon – (affiliate).

Underneath the clock I have used my month and days of the week cards:

Month Name cards - Southern Hemisphere

Days of the week cards

Date cards 1st - 31st

Seasons label cards

Season Name cards

Month Name cards

    Hopefully the children will learn to write their own short and long dates and work more independently 🙂

    Also, living my hessian backed boards and fabric surrounds. A little effort to set up but this will be the second year I use them and they still look like new!!  Get your hessian from Amazon – (affiliate link).

    As always we hope you enjoy this too!  If you have any questions or feedback please email me .

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    Jo @ MontessoriSoul