Telling time

This is going to have to be a quick post.  Firstly I want to thank Marnie at Carrots are orange for her inspiring Learning to tell time post.

Freya has been enjoying using the 5 bead chains to learn about 60 minutes in an hour.  I made my own bead chains and labels (free download).

Here are the link to my printables –

I have also used the printables combined with a short bead stair to make a clock.  I got the mechanism from Amazon and it seems brilliant DIY Quartz Clock Movement Mechanism Red Hands Mechanism Repair Tool  #affiliate link.

Finally – I have three part cards for Analogue and digital time both o’clock and half past –

Just tacking this on at the end as I forgot I also have images designed for Kaboom lolly sticks!

See Kaboom blog post for great ideas on a very easy to make game that can enfore nearly any idea you are teaching 🙂


So sorry this was so rushed but I hope you find everything useful

Best wishes


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