Christmas Gift Ideas 2014


Christmas Gift Ideas 2014

So, I’m a bit slow joining on on Thanksgiving but we had fun at the weekend! As I tried out some things with Freya and Seb my mind turns to what we wil do in class on Thursday and I want to share with you.

Hand printing turkeys.

Handprinting Turkeys

First we prepared the paint – we didn’t need much and I decided it would be easier to have one paint brush for each colour to make it simpler.


Turkey hand printing

Firstly choose one colour for each finger and then the palm of the hand and thumb need to be brown.

Freya painted hand

I think they enjoyed it!!

Seb painted hand

Now the slightly tricky bit – I was so pleased Seb managed to follow the instructions to only put his hand down once and not wiggle! We pushed his hand and fingers down to get a good print – Frey could do it all on her own.

Printing hand

And here is the finished product – so cure!! Freya added googly eyes and I love her wattle and comb! She’s obviously be doing the turkey terminology cards!!

Finished Turkey prints


Paper Plate Dream catcher

Freya dreamcatcher

This one was for Freya – first she cut the middle out of the plate.

Making a dreamcatcher

Next she used a single hole punch to punch some holes and then wove some wool through. She chose silver and added some lovely beads.

Dreamcatcher from a paper plate

We finished it off with some of feathers and some stickers she found – so effective.

Thanksgiving related Montessori cards

Parts of a pumpkin Montessori cardsParts of a pumpkin cards


Pumpkin life cycle pumpkin cardsPumpkin life cycle cards


Parts of a turkey Montessori cardsParts of a Turkey cards


Turkey family Montessori cardsTurkey family cards



I have, as always, a long list of things I wanted to do and still may get done. But for today I have work to do! So have a look as there are lots more ideas on my Thanksgiving Pinterest board!



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