Times Tables marbles game

I’ve just made these fun marbles to help with times table practice.  Super easy to make – Freya (9) actually made half of them and is in the video clip!

What do you need?

Download this free printable and print double sided (we used 160 grm card)
Glass marbles
Mod podge


First you need to cut out each disk.

Next put a dab of Mod podge onto the disc.

Now place the marble on top and push down.  The glue will spread out.  Don’t panic it dries clear!

Now you are ready to play.

Choose the times tables that you want to practise.  Lay the marbles on the table.  Take it in turns to pick a  marble.  Read the times table and then say the answer.  Check the answer on the underside of the marble.  If you are right you get to keep it.

If you have any other ideas for games let me know!

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